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Learning Experience at SRI SAI Pre-University College

Sri Sai Pre-University College is a community of learners, thinkers, doers and change-makers, where we stand for a sense of togetherness, collaboration and unity. Our student-centric pre-university programme strives to create strong, future-ready leaders, bound by values of empathy, respect, grit, integrity and service.


Children are introduced to a standards-based curriculum by the Department of Pre-University Education, Karnataka. Our experienced, passionate in-house instructional designers will equip our students with learning plans that provide the proper foundation to prepare for competitive exams.


The assessment aims to equip students for the real world. We give children multiple opportunities to express what they know and understand. It includes reviews, portfolios, group assessments, and individual assessments.


Our method of instruction focuses on inquiry-driven, immersive lessons, well-thought-through lesson plans and a student-centric teaching process. We adopt innovative technology to facilitate research, development, and implementation of learning methodologies.

Learning Community

Sri Sai PU College is a learning community offering an excellent education that prepares its students for productive lives of useful human service and uncompromising personal integrity.


The culture at Sri Sai PU College is warm, encouraging, positive and intentional. It aims to develop the attitudes, skills, knowledge, and understanding to become a successful, socially responsible global citizen.

Enrichment Programs

Our enrichment programs facilitated by experts aim to offer authentic learning experiences to build collaborative, critical thinking and communication skills relevant to the ever-changing world.

Beyond Academics

With the overall development of students as the goal, the Sri Sai Pre-University College,
along with academics, offers students opportunities to participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities.


Work Exposure Program


After School Activity


Service Learning Program


College and Career Guidance


Experts Speak


Outbound Learning

Parents Speak

The college gives equal attention to the brilliant as well as to the slow learners. The institution pools resources to organise extra-curricular activities, encouraging students to participate actively and win accolades.

Your personal touch and moral boost on managing my son's weaknesses and building upon strengths are highly appreciable. The values you inculcate and how the staff nurture students at Sri Sai are exceptional.

The teachers of Sri Sai NPUC motivate the students to excel in all spheres of life after passing the board exam with flying colours. I am highly satisfied with my son's progress in second PUC

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